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About DogLegMedia

DogLegMedia aims to boost media coverage of female golfers and womens golf.


To date, professional golf is not gender equal - womens golf is not given the same media coverage or sponsorship as the mens game.  Sponsorship is often 1/10th to 1/30th of the mens game.  At national levels, the top ranked women are often paid equally to 30th or lower ranked men. As a result many talented female golfers have not received an equal chance to pursue or maintain a career in the game.


DogLegMedia aims to support womens golf by covering a variety of professional and amateur tournaments and distributing photos to traditional press, digital press, and sportswriters who cover the womens game. If DogLegMedia is covering an event, we aim to take high-quality pghotographs of all of the players which are competing, to the extent practical and possible.


Over the years, we've covered hundreds of european tournaments on the Ladies European Tour and LET Access Series, including majors hosted in Europe and the Solheim Cup.  our photographs have been published by numerous media outlets including Cosmopolitan USA,, IGM, Golf and Women, and many others.


In addition to our work in golf, we occasionally cover other sports events, provide corporate photography, and product photography.


DogLegMedia is an affiliate of Poodle, the chic women's golf clothig brand. If you want to help support DogLegMedia, buy Poodle clothing for your favorite female golfer !

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